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Advent in Bavaria – part 4 (Gut Wolfgangshof, Schloß Guteneck, Munich)

10 days, 11 Christmas markets and 1 film studio later the advent-ure is over and my cupboard is filled with Christmas mugs.

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Advent in Bavaria – part 3 (Lauf, Forchheim)

In the last two days I discovered that Lauf and Forchheim, two towns in the surroundings of Nuremberg, have a very pretty center. I had been there many times, but never actually walked through town.

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Advent in Bavaria – part 2 (Regensburg, Passau, Room 600)

A few Christmas markets, lots of gingerbread and mulled wine later I realize that the advice my brother gave me about mulled wine is true: more than two and a head ache is guaranteed….

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Advent in Bavaria – part 1 (Nürnberg, Bayreuth)

Advent, the quiet time of the year as arrived, and so has Katrina. A good excuse, errr, opportunity to explore Bavaria and its numerous Christmas markets.

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Back to reality

12 months of traveling are over and I’m in Germany. Before the serious stuff starts I thought I’ll use the time and see some friends, so I went to Ireland and to the north of Germany (Hamburg, Lübeck and Berlin), then stayed in Nuremberg for 2 weeks to look for a job and a flat, and took the road again to see friends in France and Germany (Alsace, Paris, Heidelberg and Marburg). Next week I’ll start working…

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Was I safe in Turkey?

I’m just back from two awesome months in Turkey. Some of my friends and relatives have already wondered if I was safe in Turkey before this week’s explosion in Istanbul happened (on the 7th of June 2016). I usually avoid making any comments about ‘general situations’ or politics, but now I kind of feel compelled to say something about it. So here are my thoughts and experiences.

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Last chapter in my Turkey trip: Cappadocia

I have already left Turkey and I’m in Cork now for a bit. Here are some impressions from Cappadocia, the last part of my 4-week trip in May. I guess it wouldn’t be exaggerated to say that out of all the places I’ve been to Cappadocia is the most beautiful and magic one. The landscape is just too unreal, and the thought that some people were crazy enough to carve houses, churches and even whole underground cities out of the rock even more. 

I also wrote a separate post for those who are interested in the question: Was I safe in Turkey?
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Turkish coast trip part 4: Sunken city and Antalya

A bit late, but here are some updates from the last part of my trip along the southern coast of Turkey, Antalya, where I also almost reached the end of my energy, but it’s so worth it. On my way I kayaked over a sunken city at Kekova island, and from Antalya went up to the beautiful ancient mountain city Termessos, chilled out at the beach in Side right next to the ruins, of course not skipping the awesome ruins of Perge. I also couldn’t skip treating myself with a visit to Antalya Aquarium, just because… fish! I couldn’t make it to the eternal flame of Olympus, but oh well, next time.

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Turkish coast trip part 3: beach, adventure and history in Fethiye

 I skipped a few places that I could have visited along the coast and just went to Fethiye straight away. (For bikini pictures scroll to the end of the blog post.) It turned out to be a good choice, since there are many activities and places of interest within a short distance of Fethiye and the town itself is located in a beautiful scenery.
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