Not all of you might know Yoyoma, the cutest and happiest potato in the world, who just left for a year of travel. Having no clue about blogging it will be a lot of fun to keep you updated about all the random adventures and exciting things on the way…

01 yoyoma waving goodbye

But before the happiness comes the sadness of leaving….. Planes cause some melancholy for some reason.

Fluffy white lake and blue horizon, dried tears, waiting to arrive elsewhere. The bavarian flag is white and blue as well.

What must these Irish emigrants have felt when they waved the Irish shore goodbye for the last time, knowing they would never come back. Family, friends, neighbours, their whole lives left behind. Starting again in an unknown place. I know I will come back, but it seems an eternity away.

All those places that just passed beneath pass by again in my mind with all their memories. Cobh and Spike Island, free harbour festival boat tours, Curraghbinny woods, how could we have missed it there just in front of Crosshaven. Seafood, Boats, bike tours, sunset, pints in Monkstown, the Marina. Just when I thought I had finished waving goodbye there we are again in Ballycotton on the cliff walk with the cutest dog on earth and the cows and the lighthouse. The beach that looks as if it would get dryer if you walk out a bit further and you realise that it’s just as wet no matter where. Wading through little rivers, kicking the ball that doesn’t go quite far because it gets cought on the wavy surface of the beach.

Off to some places that I don’t know what they are, Youghal must be somewhere down there I imagine. In the distance a beach that must be Tramore, coast drive with hidden castles.

Is that Duncannon there, the pub where the road splits and its bar made of a wrecked ship, the best soda bread in the world, but you can’t buy it in the shop because it’s homemade. Nice views of the beach and the trucks parked in front of it, there must have been some kitesurfers as well. Seafood chowder and cider go well with it.

Wasn’t there a ferry that I took somewhere around here connecting I don’t remember what, in any case it avoided a detour and I took some nice pictures as we got closer to the opposite side. I’m amazed nevertheless how well I know the map of Ireland.

No idea where waterford is, but there is the beach where we didn’t save Privat Ryan. I imagine we had some ice cream, rain and a bouncy dog walk there.

Still wondering what those two islands are just before Ireland’s last corner and then it’s gone.

Only blue sea left with weirdly shaped waves, why do they look too short. I wonder if there are dolphins somewhere, would I be able to see them from here.

England, but who cares. I get some more tissues and close my eyes. How did I get this idea. Welcome to the club of Germans who are crazy about Ireland.