After a few crazy days in Bavaria and almost getting killed by killer rabbits here are some Yoyoma updates – you never know when the killer rabbits come back, so better to post something before.

Day 1

02 yoyoma showing the finger to nasty guy Yoyoma is training hard the middle finger stretch. The nasty guy under the lamp on the left in the background didn’t want to put the vaccine into the fridge, and it’s 30°C in Munich! Not the ideal temperature when you have to carry a folding bike, a 22kg and a 15kg backpack, a poster box, a handbag and a vaccine with cooling packs… (Always get those travel vaccines on time, so you don’t have to carry the second shot of the same brand to a different country.) Luckily the nice pharmacist helped and kept the vaccine cool until the train arrived.



04 yoyoma in the ICE with RadlerWhen I got on the ICE I was quite amazed that the fridge worked, because when I googled fridges in high speed trains in Germany I found out about embarrassing aircon and fridge breakdowns, which meant at least that there was a fridge. So here is yoyoma with a Radler, while the vaccine is in the fridge 🙂


05 yoyoma in Irish pubAnd more helpful people in an Irish Pub, first stop after getting off the train to get some Bulmers (the wrong cider from the UK, not the Irish one, but now I know what it looks like). The barman put the vaccine into the fridge and brought it back without me asking for it when I paid the bill – hooray.


After the short stop in Nuremberg Yoyoma gets to see some of the amaaaaziiing German countryside and habits:

Having seen all these surprising things yoyoma feels totally high and almost jumps into the lake… Need some Haribo after this tiring day.


Day 2 and 3

The next days are spent with some cycling, shopping, ice cream, beer, boxes, …

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By the way, Yoyoma looks pretty cool in pictures with motorcycles and dogs…



Day 4

The worst box adventure ever.

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More adventurous stories coming soon…