Now that I have been warmly welcomed in Yekaterinburg I can chill out for a few days, so here are more wonderful pictures of Yoyoma before the trip, having a great time in Nürnberg and Erlangen, at the beach, eating Döner, at a birthday party, facing the (killer?) rabbit, with graffiti, in the train to Frankfurt, at the beach in Frankfurt….


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While Yoyoma was relaxing I was doing some serious trip preparations, just to realize one hour before I left that I didn’t know where my credit card was! Finally I found it and almost missed my train, luckily it waited until I reached the door …

On the train I noticed how many useful travel gadgets I have:

  • Emergency information in a zipped bag: Emergency Contact (e.g. family or friends), phone numbers to block your cards, health information (blood group, allergies, medication, …), travel insurance details, contacts for the embassy. I have loads of passport pictures and a copy of my passport in that bag as well.
  • A tiny travel towel that is so useful … especially for freshening up real quick when you arrive at your destination (also very handy if you like dancing, it fits easily into a small handbag). It can be clipped in and out of the little pouch, and I usually hook it to my bag with the little carabiner (that I also can hook keys onto).20150720_174110
  • A Compass + thermometer – in case your smartphone breaks 😀
  • A nose flute to keep yourself and others entertained (the sound is softer than a kazoo, but if you like loud instruments a kazoo could do as well).
  • A spork. Never end up with food, but without cutlery again. It’s very light weight since it’s plastic and I have never had problems taking it with me in my hand luggage. This one can even be used to cut water melons!20150720_181811
  • Travel purses that finally are the right size, and that give you the choice to hook them to a strap, carabiner or whatever, or not. Have you ever bought one of these “discrete” travel pouches that supposedly fit under your clothes, but you wonder how it is discrete if it’s almost wider than your body?! Most of them are so ugly as well and you can’t take off the silly strap. So I made one myself that is exactly the size of the passport and used parts of a bra strap and an elastic band to be able to wear it under my clothes – or to just use it as a purse, if I want to (if you make one yourself make sure to add enough to the passport length and width because otherwise you’ll have to squeeze it in like me…).20150720_174341
  • Mini purses (I got mine from Morocco) are great as well because they are exactly the right size to fit some cards and a bit of money in. I leave all the documents I don’t need in a safe place, I prefer not carrying them around with me, no matter where I am. I added some elastic bands to the small one so I can hook it to a strap or carabiner.
  • More purses for medication and for random small things that would get lost otherwise (SD-Cards, post-its for to mark pages in the travel guide, …), little organza bags are great as well and take less space (e.g. for batteries, electronics, …)


  • Yoyoma – a travel mascot that can be used as wrist rest 🙂


More from Yoyoma and/or/in Yekaterinburg soon…