A few days later I have sorted out some things and done some slow paced walks in the city, met some nice people – it’s great to know that I have 4 more weeks, so no need to run.

Off my checklist now:

-registering the visa (thanks to my host and a second post office employee who was a bit nicer than the first ones)

-getting a sim card (thanks to my host as well)

-creating an account on the Russian social website vkontakte


I met somebody who has never met anybody visiting from abroad yet and found it quite strange why somebody would want to come here, so cute 🙂

It doesn’t feel strange to me anyway, I find it great here:

I live a 30 minute walk away from the center, 5 minutes from the shop and 10 minutes from a park where I can run when I have time (the green bit in the back on the left between buildings and the lake that I didn’t even realize was there).



The center is quite compact, so no need to spend money on public transport 🙂 Great temperatures so far, and a few showers that made it worth bringing my rain gear. What else would I need. There are dancers here as well dance next to the city pond regularely, all perfect.

Yoyoma feels great as well (of course, he met so many famous people):


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Tomorrow my classes start in this building, Ural Federal University, so let’s see when I have time again for another post.