I spent five days in São Paulo meeting up with friends whom I had met in other parts of the world and I already made friends in advance for the next places where I will be 🙂 After a few days with very little serious tourism (except if I count the serious night life tourism) and an appalling lack of sleep, my body took revenge, a tonsillitis struck me! I drank loads of ginger-lemon-honey-tea and got some medication at the pharmacy. I felt better an hour later and went out again the same night…

Some impressions in pictures:

Meeting friends and going out

Street art and street lights that look like a building closeby

Parque Ibirapuera and art

Shopping and eating

Trying to get better with ginger+citrus+honey


As I finish writing this article I’m already in Blumenau where I’ll spend three days on Oktoberfest, I’m even considering buying a real Dirndl (traditional Bavarian dress) in the supermarket opposite the café where I’m sitting. You’ll hear more soon about my beery adventures here 🙂