So you think all I’m doing is roasting like a chicken in the Brazilian sun? Ha. Well, I would be if it hadn’t been for El Niño, which (if rumours are true) is supposed to last until December and makes the weather forecast for all of the South of Brazil look like a deluge for as far as I can see. It’s even raining in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. But hey, look, there is a sunny Saturday in Cork! Let’s go to the Jazzfestival there! (What a shame I’m too far away, that forecast is an event that will make history…)

There are also some hills that look strangely similar to Patrick’s Hill…


Anyway, I’m quite lucky that the temperatures here are over 20 degrees, so at least what I can do is cycle around in a rain jacket and bikini panties (so my clothes don’t get wet, I didn’t bring my rain skirt), or just in a bikini and my new flip flops.

I’m still quite hopeful though that there will some sun rays or crazy miracles like that, for the moment I’m taking advantage of the bad weather to work on the distance course I started recently and to figure out new options for my blog with Katrina, like… a travel timeline with maps and all 🙂

I’ll keep up the good mood with Caipirinha, concerts on the island this weekend, and whatever comes along…

Cheers, going jogging along the seaside now (it stopped raining 🙂 )