Finally I bought a cheap bike on olx (similar to daft or ebay), brought it to a bike shop for repair, moved to Lagoa da Conceiçao which is closer to the beaches aaaand the rain stopped for an hour this afternoon, so I decided to take the bike out for a ride. Of course the rain started again when I arrived at the beach in Campeche, but the good news is that it was 21°C and only drizzeling, and that I found a shop on the way there to do the final upgrade on the bike: mudguards, hooray, my bum and my backpack will stay clean from now on.



And what would a bike ride be without a nice meal at the end… (Coriander free) burrito at the food trucks in Lagoa da Conceição.


The guy who sells them in the truck “Guacamole en la Rua” hates coriander, too, and wants an anti-coriander t-shirt like mine 🙂 Here is a picture of the t-shirt for anybody who hasn’t seen it, I will wear it next time so he can print the same.


Now I have 10 more days here like today  before I move on for a week of travel to Iguaçu, Bonito and Brasília. At least I won’t have to use a lot of sunscreen here…

P. S.: For anyone who reads this post and is thinking about going to Florianópolis, don’t be scared about the weather, this is just a temporary thing this year due to El Niño. It should actually be sunny now otherwise. No matter if there is drizzle, rain or sun, I love the place.