Three weeks later I can count the days without rain on one hand (I’m not even talking about sunny days, there were maybe three), so here are some of my rain proof activities and strategies during my time in Florianópolis.



Yes, I still don’t like waves and salty water, but hey, this is kind of the only sports that you can do no matter if it rains or not, because you get wet anyway. So finally I gave in (it’s all Simone’s fault) and went for a surf lesson today and somehow I survived. After the safety instructions and some dry practice in the surf school we went out to easiest beach for beginners in Barra de Lagoa. I spent the first few minutes freaking out about the waves, the water, the salt, basically about the fact that I was even out there, but I told myself that I’ll get up on that stupid board just like in the exercise and everything was going to be fine since the teacher was there looking after us. At the first attempt I was so scared that I even failed to try to get up, but the next few attempts worked out fine and I thought, huh, is that it?! That’s what all the fuss is about? Standing on a board, like… Come on, seriously?! But I realized afterwards that it was easy only because the teacher pushed the board and told me when to get up. After adding the crawling I failed to stand up a few more times before succeeding, and when that worked out fine the instructor told me to look at the wave and to anticipate, but… what’s a wave and what’s not? It looks all the same from the distance.

So the end of the story is, I felt no adrenaline or any special sensation (there is even more adrenaline to abseiling), for me it was more about the challenge to see if I could do it and overcoming my limits. I’ll take another lesson tomorrow just because I’m not sure I will trust any other teacher and also because… I can surf tomorrow no matter if it rains or not 🙂


Yesterday I decided that staying inside just because it rains is too boring, so I followed my flat mate’s advice to simply go jogging barefoot. The problem is not that I don’t like getting wet, the problem is that nothing dries here and my shoes would never dry if they got wet. So I put on my bike-kini (bikini+sportswear that dries easily) and cycled to the beach where I ran as far as I could and back, only to realize at the end that I got a blister under one toe. But never mind, at least I wasn’t bored and at home.

The previous day I was lucky enough to witness an hour without rain, so I grabbed my bike and cycled to the Praia da Solidão (the beach of loneliness) in the south of the island. According to what I read on the internet this beach is supposed to be calm and I thought that this way I could do some sort of bike-kini biathlon, but unfortunately there were too many waves to swim. But the beach was beautiful and lonely, just as the name indicates.

Here comes another survival strategy I should have followed:

Applying sunscreen

According to signs at the beach you should apply sunscreen no matter if it’s cloudy or not. I did, but forgot some spots, oups. My thighs are bright red as well. Even the reflection of the sun is really strong here, so I’m actually glad that it’s not sunny. I don’t want to know what I would look like if it was…


Using insect repellent

I thought that on my bike I would be faster than the insects, but this didn’t seem to be the case! There were some ferocious beasts that must have been vampires, anyway, that’s what the bites look like and contrary to the mosquitoes in São Paulo these mosquito bites itch like crazy O.o I will never forget to wear insect repellent again…

Handling clothes and humidity

I’m not even trying to wash my clothes anymore because I have no hope that they will dry afterwards. I’m considering several alternatives right now (since nudism is not the most socially acceptable one), for example I could follow my host’s advice and put newspaper between the clothes. Or I could use a hair dryer, one of my flat mates has one. In any case the next laundry place with dryer is in the center and bringing my clothes there by bus is not really an option.

The weather also impacts my clothing choices, what I’m usually wearing to avoid to get wet is: flip flops, a short skirt or dress (or sports leggings, but they don’t really dry that quickly) and my rain jacket. It’s stylish and practical, as you can imagine.

Using plastic bags

I don’t even bother anymore using my backpack, I simply use a plastic bag from the supermarket to transport my stuff. I put my phone in a zip-lock bag and into a small bag, when that’s all I’m carrying. Tataaa, waterproof. They have the kind of bags here that don’t make noise, priceless.


Dancing Samba and Forró

The classes for Samba and Forró (a Brazilian dance and music style) are indoors and so are the parties, so that’s another activity I did here. There are bands playing in different places throughout the week, for example in some bars near Praia Joaquina (e.g. Bar de Raiz), but the place where I could almost bring a matress because I literally live there is Casa de Noca.

That’s where I will go tonight, even if I have no idea how I will survive my second surf class tomorrow morning. I want to make the most of my two remaining days here before I head off for a week in Foz do Iguaçu, Bonito and Brasília…