If you’ve been wondering why I have been so silent recently it’s because I’ve spent the past two weeks in Salvador relaxing a bit after my travels to Foz do Iguaçu, Bonito and Brasília. To be honest, I simply had fun being boring and doing almost the same, but wonderful stuff every day (what else did you expect from somebody writing a bad travel blog …), only enjoyably interrupted by a weekend that I spontaneously spent with Ray and Dipak from Chicago whom I met on a walking tour. I’ll also catch up writing about my stay with Ju in Brasília, which I was too lazy to write about so far. To keep up the standards of bad travel blogging some of the pictures in this post aren’t even taken by myself, I just took them from my friends’ facebook posts.


People are lying when they say that there is nothing to do in Brasília, Ju proved them all wrong, as you might have seen in the couchsurfing review that I left for her and that she reposted on facebook (she left me such a cute reference as well *aaaah*). We met in Blumenau and it turned out that we arrived at the airport in Brasília almost at the same time, so she waited for me and her dad picked both of us up. What an intense, but at the same time relaxing weekend! Loads of Forró dancing, meeting Ju’s wonderful friends (she must know half of Brasília) and her sweet family, Ju’s birthday barbecue, the start of my stand up paddling addiction on Lago Paranoá, sight-seeing that included getting to peek into the stadium that was built for the world cup, … It was hard to leave.



Some pictures from last week: free walking tour last week, black awareness day, nights out, …


And some more random pictures taken while I was out with my classmates and nice people I met:

at the top of Elevador Lacerda
view of Elevador Lacerda
view of Mercado Modelo from the top of the lift Elevador Lacerda
Monument in honor of the victims of the political repression during the military dictatorship (1964-1985)
Igreja de São Domingos Gusmão
Zumbi dos Palmares, the leader of the Quilombo dos Palmares, a fugitive settlement
at the top of Elevador Lacerda
Praça da Sé
photographic exhibition, the sign reads:“Our Lady of the Conception, thank you for making me understand that if each one of us gave a flower to the other, the bullets would cry and the revolvers would commit suicide”
photographs at an exhibition
photographs at an exhibition
concert in a really cool location – Galpão Cheio de Assunto
beer ticket till
concert with the band Skanibais (Ska-nnibals)
Igreja Nossa Senhora da Conceição
3D ceiling in Igreja Nossa Senhora da Conceição
sunset at Praia do Farol da Barra
Avenida Oceânica and part of av. 7 de Septembro have been made car free recently – nice place to go jogging
Surfers at Praia do Farol da Barra. Morro do Cristo in the background








Watch on youtube: Drum group in Pelourinho, Salvador


Otherwise I was having fun every day:

-getting up at 6.30 or 7am, because I can’t sleep longer anyway. There is no time change in summer in Bahia, which means the sun goes up between 5 and 6am and goes down between 5 and 6pm. It feels weird.

-going jogging or stand up paddling. I mostly stand up paddling in the evening now, because paddling into the sunset is just so awesome. I feel like inside one of Aivasovsky’s paintings and I wonder how anybody feels free on a surf board. It feels so much better not to be in the water, but on top of it. I have to buy one and do the Sea to City race in Cork, or something like that…

Watch how I paddle into the sunset on youtube

-going to Portuguese classes. The school is very close to the shared flat they organized for me and I go for lunch or drinks in the evening with people from class sometimes.

-working on my distance course so I can hopefully get a job in social work with refugees in Germany after my trip. I finished my assignments for November and December in the last two weeks, I’m so proud of how efficient I am. Ok, I admit it’s only 5 pages per assignment…

-learning foreign languages without any concept at all and ticking of other things in the self-discipline and motivation app http://www.coach.me, for example: calling my parents, going to bed before 12, catching up with friends, … At least it makes me believe I’m disciplined and motivated 😀

-trying to make the perfect tapioca (pancake made from cassava root starch). I just love this stuff so much, it’s cheap, easy and fast to prepare and it contains no gluten at all (not that I care, but I had to mention it). I still can’t get quite close to Ju’s Mum’s tapiocas, but it’s getting a bit better with some practice.

-drinking passion fruit juice. I had no idea that a passion fruit could be that big, because I only knew the ridiculously small ones from the supermarkets in Ireland. I think I should buy some cachaça and put it directly inside the fruit…


This weekend I got a bit more active, starting on Friday with a student party where my keys fell out of my pocket while using bushes as sanitary facilities – parties without toilets are the best. So I slept on the sofa in the entrance area of my (secured) apartment block until I managed to wake up my flatmate who let me in. Gustavo, I hope at the next party there will be toilets so I don’t lose my keys again 😉

At the end of semester party with Gustavo and Boris

In the coming week I want to explore different places around Salvador, so I’ll write some updates soon from Praia do Forte, Morro de São Paulo, Chapada Diamantina, …