Last friday the festival of Santa Bárbara took place in Salvador and I captured some moments while randomly walking around in the historical center. Of course I missed the whole official program, but it didn’t really matter since there was music everywhere.

Here is some information about the festival:

Santa Bárbara is one of the most worshipped deities in the state of Bahia. Every 4th of December thousands os Bahians go to mass and make caruru at home to commemorate her. (Caruru: Brazilian food made from okra, onion, shrimp, palm oil and toasted nuts)

Around 1641 the merchants and workers of the Santa Bárbara market in Salvador decided to honour the saint. The festivities became a tradition. Santa Bárbara is the patron saint of the fire fighters and the markets. In Candomblé (afro-brazilian religion) she represents the deity Iansã – warrior saint, Lady of lightning, wind and thunder.

Currently the festivities in honour of the saint last three days and start with a mass in the church Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos (Our Lady of the Rosary of the Blacks), where her image is. The mass is followed by a procession through the historical center past the firefighter headquarter.
During the closing of the religious festival free caruru is served by volunteers, always accompanied by a lot of Samba de Roda and Capoeira.


Now I’m in Lençois in the national park Chapada Diamantina. I was planning on taking a night bus, but should have booked online in advance… the bus was full and I had to take the next bus in the morning. I’ll do some organized excursions in the next days and post pictures.