I’m tired and happy after two and a half days in Chapada Diamantina. Now I know why Brazilians call it their beloved Chapada, the landscapes are amazing: rivers, waterfalls, cacti, strange rock formations, canyons … I made several friends on day trips there and I’m planning to see them again in Rio de Janeiro 🙂


Hiking and camping without a guide is also possible theoretically, but I prefer not getting lost and living a bit longer. The park has been in the news recently because of the fires that are burning in a lot of parts of it. Collections for food and material are organized in Salvador to support the fire fighters there.

First day – Serrano, bathing in a river

I only arrived around noon and there wasn’t much more to do than going to a natural river pool in Lençois. I was told later that with a guide it’s possible to see some more nice places around town, but I was ok with just relaxing that day. Lençois is a 6 hours bus drive away from Salvador and the starting point for most tourist activities in Chapada Diamantina.  I hadn’t booked the Sunday night bus beforehand and ended up going in the Monday morning bus.


Second day – tour 1 to caves and Pai Inácio

This tour is the most popular one in Chapada Diamantina, I loved it because I got to see a lot of different places in just one day.

Third day – tour to Buracão (waterfall in a canyon)

The three hours drive to Buracão was definitely worth it. Imagine a canyon like in Petra, Jordan (featured in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade), just that it’s filled with water and has a 100m high waterfall at the end. Swimming through the canyon to the waterfall was a feeling that can’t be described in words.

After the hike to the waterfall we were rewarded with a visit to a Cachaça Distillery. I didn’t know it’s like whiskey, just better, so I couldn’t resist buying a bottle, even if I have no idea if I will manage not to brake it on my way back to Germany. When pouring water into a glass the waterfall on the packaging looks as if it was actually flowing.

I was dozing during most of the drive while the guide was checking every once in a while if I was awake or sleeping by mentioning the word “coriander”. Never tell anybody about your phobias 😉


Now I’m in Salvador for another few days before I head to Rio de Janeiro. I already miss the sunsets over the water…