So much stuff happened that I wasn’t even sure anymore where I finished last time. In any case I’m alive and in Zanzibar now, with one more hour of battery on my computer to write down this dramatic story. I reached Ireland 10 days ago upon the flight attendant’s words “It is a pleasant day in Cork”, so I believed her and spent most of my time out and about with friends on treacherous roads doing unnecessary journeys that were so much fun that they just had to be done. My dear friends were lucky that in this exceptional case I brought sun instead of rain. I left Cork to breathe out my last energy in Brussels on the Lovkiz Kizomba festival and somehow I managed to zombie walk to the airport for my flight to Tanzania, where I’ll soon fall into my bed.

To make the story more dramatic I lost quite some (more or less important) stuff on the way:

-some money I spent on an adaptor Germany-UK (same as Tanzania) that I won’t be able to use, because I realized later that just like in Brazil the iron bars on my computer plug are still too big to fit into any plugs or adaptors outside of Europe.

-my phone charger that I forgot on the morning I left Ireland

-my connecting flight to Zanzibar that I couldn’t reach because when I arrived in Doha I realized that the airline had cancelled and rescheduled my connecting flight to Dar Es-Salaam, without ever notifying me… The only good thing besides 2 hours sleep and a shower where the hotel slippers that I wanted.

-I must have lost my mind to come as unprepared as never before – I had no clue that the terminal for national flights was a different one that I had to take a taxi to, and I was also totally ignorant concerning the exchange rate, so I simply believed the exchange indicated by the agent who sold me the flight to Zanzibar. Usually I write the exchange rate into my booklet with important information…  I must admit that I could have checked it when I arrived in the airport, but I was busy using wifi to chat with my friends 🙂

I don’t know what people bring when they travel, but each person I met on my way from the airport to the guesthouse in Zanzibar said “that’s all you have with you?!” Well, I cheated and asked a friend to send my dancing shoes and outfits to another friend’s family in Turkey so I can pick the bag up when I get there in March. But come on people, it’s simple, just buy leggings even if you hate them…

The last 10 days in a chaotic slideshow:

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My challenges for the next weeks are learning Swahili (starting from tomorrow) and how to properly use my recently acquired camera (thanks for that special offer, Frank). I hope I will have a bit less drama than in the last two days. How will I live without my friends for another 6 months 😥