12 months of traveling are over and I’m in Germany. Before the serious stuff starts I thought I’ll use the time and see some friends, so I went to Ireland and to the north of Germany (Hamburg, Lübeck and Berlin), then stayed in Nuremberg for 2 weeks to look for a job and a flat, and took the road again to see friends in France and Germany (Alsace, Paris, Heidelberg and Marburg). Next week I’ll start working…

These are some of the things I have on my checklist to become a normal person again:

-flat: I have a temporary room and I need to keep looking for a flat to have a permanent place

-job: I have a job from the 25th of July

-car: just bought my parents’ car, which is my first car ever and I feel like an adult now. While I’m driving around I’m taking passengers via blablacar, saving a lot of money and keeping me awake.

-insurance: I was about to go crazy and thinking about going back to Ireland. Having a health insurance is compulsory in Germany, but because of some crazy rules my previous health insurance didn’t want to take me back in. I gave up and called a different one, but the next day they said all is fine and they accept me (?!). I imagine what was missing was the E104 that for some reason they requested from Ireland instead of asking me if I had it. I requested it when I left Ireland and totally forgot that this paper is proof of my contributions there…    My car’s insurance was sorted by my parents and their insurance guy, luckily. I also got a personal liability insurance (Haftplichtversicherung) for the first time, hooray. I think I’m a fully licensed German adult now.

-friends: I have about 2 good friends in Nürnberg and the surrounding areas, but I met loads of people who live there on my trip. Who knows, maybe soon I’ll say hi to someone every five minutes when I walk through town, just like in Cork.

-cultural integration: I still don’t have a Dirndl (traditional Bavarian dress), but I promise that I will go to a second hand shop before Oktoberfest and buy one. I try to wait at most of the pedestrian red lights. I go to beer gardens. Maybe nobody will realize I’m weird.


But getting back to less serious topics, here is how I spent my last month in freedom, June 2016:

Another visit in Ireland:

I basically spent my time in Ireland with my favorite activities: meeting friends, singing Sacred Harp, bodypainting, and driving / cycling around Ireland’s beautiful countryside.

Katrina wrote a great article about our adventures: Summer in Ireland: Places to Visit in West Cork


Some pictures from Hamburg, Lübeck and Berlin:

Catching up with old friends and singing Sacred Harp was on my program again, mixed with some tourism.


I’m too lazy now to add any pictures of wonderful German cycling lanes, Paris, Heidelberg or Marburg (I’m only going there tomorrow), but I’m sure you all know what that looks like.


Real life starts

Even if I’ll be back to a “normal” daily schedule I have some more topics and places on the list that I want to write about every once in a while. Stay tuned…