Advent, the quiet time of the year as arrived, and so has Katrina. A good excuse, errr, opportunity to explore Bavaria and its numerous Christmas markets.


We have been at the Christkindlesmarkt (Christmas market) in Nuremberg a few times already to take in different views, beverages and food.

My favorite are the heated hut just behind Lorenzkirche, not because the staff is nice but because it’s warm inside. I also love the Kartoffelpuffer place next to the old town hall (or franconian: Backas, for potato pancake).

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to get a free ticket from a friend ago to see the opening ceremony of the Christmas market from the first floor of one of the surrounding buildings. I always wondered why the Christkind (child Jesus) at the opening is represented by a girl and only learned this year that actually she represents the angel announcing the arrival of the child Jesus – doh. Another amazing fact is that the Christkindl was able to hold up the arms in yoga-like manner for a very long time.



My brother and his choir sang in Bayreuth on the weekend. This was a good reason to go see the small Sternenmarkt (‘star market’) in St. Georgen, a part of Bayreuth. The bell tower of the church Ordenskirche offered nice views over the city.

We also had planned to go to Bamberg on the same day, but didn’t quite manage to do that much. The Christkindlesmarkt in Bayreuth’s center was worth a visit as well. (Another fact I learned is that many cities have several Christmas market, a good excuse to have several cups of mulled wine I guess).


What’s next

The next cities on the list are Regensburg, Passau and possibly Deggendorf, but this time by train. It’s too sad having to stick to non-alcoholic Kinderpunsch.