10 days, 11 Christmas markets and 1 film studio later the advent-ure is over and my cupboard is filled with Christmas mugs.



Gut Wolfgangshof (Anwanden, near Nuremberg)

Our favourite Christmas market was one located on an estate not far from Nuremberg, Gut Wolfgangshof. Even if many people came to visit this beautiful market there was enough space indoors and outdoors for everyone, the choice of drinks and food was fantastic and there were fireplaces all over the area to warm up.


Next year I want to come back by public transport (12 minutes by S-Bahn 4 from Nuremberg main train station) and take the free horse carriage ride to the Christmas market. It is operating on Saturdays and Sundays from 2pm.

The entrance fee to the market was 6€ and it is open from Friday to Sunday on the four weekends before Christmas.


Schloß Guteneck (near Nabburg)

We were hoping for an experience similar to Gut Wolfgangshof when we headed for Schloß Guteneck with some of my family. However, even if the location was beautiful we were soon trying to make our way through the crowds who came to visit basically the only Christmas market of this kind in the area. There are a lot of narrow paths and dead ends which didn’t allow the crowds to move smoothly. The choice of mulled wine was very narrow unfortunately. One good point I noticed was that there is a lot of stuff to do for kids (horse and camel riding, crafts, etc.).

The market can be nice if visited early during the day, we left in the late afternoon to escape the crowds. It is open on the four weekends before Christmas.

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Bavaria Filmstudios

Katrina had obtained free tickets to Bavaria Filmstadt, so before our visit we watched some of the movies produced there: Das Boot and The Neverending Story.

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There are three different attractions:  a guided tour of the sets of some of the movies and TV series produced in the film studio, entrance to Bullyversum (an amusement and information area themed around the German comedy show Bullyparade), and a short movie in a 4D cinema. Tickets can be purchased in a bundle or separately.


We had the disadvantage of the cold, but the advantage of being a group of only 6 people. This meant we could spend a lot of time on the different sets to take pictures and even ride Falkor several times.






During the tour we recorded a few short clips, which was great fun. I never would have thought that Yoyoma had such a talent as a weather presenter.



The Bullyversum is like a playground that also shows a lot of behind the scenes and props from the TV show, that are quite amusing even for somebody who doesn’t know the show. We got to save the world with laser guns and played some other games (without having to queue with screaming kids, another advantage of coming during low season). During high season visitors get the chance to appear in another short clip they can buy on DVD at the end, cut together with scenes from the comedy show. We weren’t enough people for that, but being able to try all the games was a good compensation.


Munich Christmas markets

We only made it to two of Munich’s over 40 Christmas markets: the medieval Christmas market on Wittelsbacher Platz and the Christmas market on Marienplatz.

We had some last mulled wines before I took Katrina to Memmingen airport the next morning for her flight back home *sigh*


My bucket list

This year I probably won’t make it to many Christmas markets anymore, but there are some that I put on my list for next year:

Auerbach’s Christmas market in and around the mine in my birth town. I missed this one since it was only open on the 2nd advent weekend, as I realized when it was too late.

Waldwipfelweg, a Christmas market above the trees not far from Straubing. It is open on the four weekends before Christmas. The adventure trail is open all year round and a winter market opens between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

– the Christmas market in Vilshofen that is floating on the Danube. It is open on the advent weekends, except the last one before Christmas.

The last two destinations can be combined with Regensburg or Passau if visited by car.


And there also is one destination I must visit next summer:

The cellars (Kellerwald/ Auf den Kellern) in Forchheim, which is the biggest beer garden in the world according to the tourism website. The Annafest takes place there every year, the next scheduled festival starts on the 21st of July.


In the meantime:

Merry Christmas to all my friends and family!