Hi. I’m Katrina (that’s not me in the picture) and I created this site for a friend who loves to travel, but has never blogged. It was done because the idea made us both laugh. What might we include? Terrible, out of focus pictures of famous landmarks? Selfies gone all wrong? The worst-est, most awful-est travel tips you’ve ever heard? Stories of travel disasters? Or complete nonsense! It doesn’t matter because it’s supposed to be bad.

The friend in question is Elisabeth (that IS her in the picture). She is German. She speaks 9 or 10 languages, about 5 fluently. She lived in Ireland for 4 years. She travelled while living there, but wanted to see more and stay longer, so she is taking a year to do that. Destinations include Russia, Brazil, Tanzania, and Turkey, with a few returns to Europe in between. She’s going to brush up on her Russian, Portuguese, Swahili, and Turkish along the way. Her travelling companion is a stuffed potato named Yoyoma (please do not confuse the potato with the world famous cellist). There will be photos and stories. They might be awful. Or not. 😉