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Advent in Bavaria – part 4 (Gut Wolfgangshof, Schloß Guteneck, Munich)

10 days, 11 Christmas markets and 1 film studio later the advent-ure is over and my cupboard is filled with Christmas mugs.

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Advent in Bavaria – part 3 (Lauf, Forchheim)

In the last two days I discovered that Lauf and Forchheim, two towns in the surroundings of Nuremberg, have a very pretty center. I had been there many times, but never actually walked through town.

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Advent in Bavaria – part 2 (Regensburg, Passau, Room 600)

A few Christmas markets, lots of gingerbread and mulled wine later I realize that the advice my brother gave me about mulled wine is true: more than two and a head ache is guaranteed….

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Advent in Bavaria – part 1 (Nürnberg, Bayreuth)

Advent, the quiet time of the year as arrived, and so has Katrina. A good excuse, errr, opportunity to explore Bavaria and its numerous Christmas markets.

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Back to reality

12 months of traveling are over and I’m in Germany. Before the serious stuff starts I thought I’ll use the time and see some friends, so I went to Ireland and to the north of Germany (Hamburg, Lübeck and Berlin), then stayed in Nuremberg for 2 weeks to look for a job and a flat, and took the road again to see friends in France and Germany (Alsace, Paris, Heidelberg and Marburg). Next week I’ll start working…

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A Bavarian at Oktoberfest in Brazil and Germany for the first time

About six years ago somebody told me that the second biggest Oktoberfest is in Blumenau in Brazil and I knew that I had to go one day. Finally this year the time has come and of course I also had to go to Oktoberfest in Munich before going to the one in Brazil. So here I was, a Bavarian going to Oktoberfest for the first time!

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Going only with hand luggage from Bavaria to Brazil

A quick update about my current activities and my next evil plans: After spending two weeks with my family and typical autumn activities (picking mushrooms in the forest, cycling and ice cream, looking for a Dirndl, Oktoberfest, Shape Note singing, looking for a camera without success) I’m taking a plane to São Paulo.
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Yoyoma, the big trip, and some must have travel gadgets

Now that I have been warmly welcomed in Yekaterinburg I can chill out for a few days, so here are more wonderful pictures of Yoyoma before the trip, having a great time in Nürnberg and Erlangen, at the beach, eating Döner, at a birthday party, facing the (killer?) rabbit, with graffiti, in the train to Frankfurt, at the beach in Frankfurt…. Continue reading “Yoyoma, the big trip, and some must have travel gadgets”

Yoyoma’s adventures in Bavaria

After a few crazy days in Bavaria and almost getting killed by killer rabbits here are some Yoyoma updates – you never know when the killer rabbits come back, so better to post something before.

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