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A Bavarian at Oktoberfest in Brazil and Germany for the second time

I did it again, went to Oktoberfest in Munich and in Blumenau. It got to see many friends there and in São Paulo again.


The All Day Singing organized by the Sacred Harp group in Munich is always a good occasion not only to sing, but also to go to Oktoberfest. It happens every year on the last weekend of Oktoberfest. Good options to avoid the crowds: Friday afternoon in the section called Oide Wiesn and Sunday morning for Weißwurstfrühstück (white sausage breakfast).

Had some serious fun singing in Munich.
Had some serious fun singing in Munich

Visit the part of Oktoberfest called Oide Wiesn to enjoy a calmer atmosphere and learn about the history of Oktoberfest.

Visit the part of Oktoberfest called Oide Wiesn to enjoy a calmer atmosphere and learn about the history of Oktoberfest.

Traditional music and dancing in Herzkasperlzelt

Traditional music and dancing in Herzkasperlzelt

São Paulo

It was great to see Fernando and Tânia again. I got stuffed with feijão, tapioca and açaí 🙂

I must have eaten about half of the box of açaí (fruit sorbet) during my stay…

Tapioca is the best, if you find the ready made mix somewhere. Pour tapioca starch into the pan, wait a bit and tataaa it becomes a pancake (to be enjoyed with sweet or savory toppings, or just butter). If anybody knows where to get it in Germany let me know, because I found out that it’s actually very difficult and time consuming to make the mix by hand (grate cassava, dry it, grate it again, dry it again… or something like that).

I also discovered some new things in São Paulo thanks to my friend Gustavo:

Free tour to the top of Edificio Copan every day at 3.10pm

Free tour to the top of Edificio Copan every day at 3.10pm

Sesc (near Metro stop República) has a nice café with a map of São Paulo and a water mirror. Also saw an interesting exhibition about the history of São Paulo in Sesc, 5th floor.

Also saw an interesting exhibition about the history of São Paulo in Sesc, 5th floor


Blumenau in the south of Brazil hosts the second biggest Oktoberfest in the world. I went to stay with my host Tatiana from two years ago again. I made the effort to bring my Dirndl along (traditional Bavarian dress). I still can’t compete with Tatiana and her 7 Dirndls though…

Oktoberfest queen

Oktoberfest during the week – not too busy yet

Smoked beer, ok, I like that. But cucumber beer? I didn’t dare to try it.

Got busier later at night

More about Oktoberfest

How do you tie the Dirndl? What’s the difference between Oktoberfest in Munich and in Bumenau?

To read more about the two Oktoberfests see mydetailed post from two years ago

What’s next

This weekend I’ll go to Florianópolis and finally get to use my stand up board that I’ve been dragging along.


7 days in Rio de Janeiro, 2 days in São Paulo, bye bye Brazil

Merry Christmas to all my friends! Here is my last blog post for this year. The last days in Brazil went by far too quickly. On the other hand I probably needed a break from travelling, because the only time I really got excited in Rio was in the van to see Cristo Redentor on the hill Corcovado. I think I was more excited to spend the last two days in São Paulo with my friends Fernando and Tânia and their families. The secret Santa party with them was a bit different from a European style pre-Christmas party 🙂

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Last sunsets in Salvador

Four weeks in Salvador are over and I’m at the airport to fly to Rio de Janeiro. Actually my flight was yesterday, but I wrote the wrong date into my travel plan. Luckily I could get the same flight today by only paying a small difference. Probably I really just don’t want to leave… Continue reading “Last sunsets in Salvador”

Blown away in Chapada Diamantina

I’m tired and happy after two and a half days in Chapada Diamantina. Now I know why Brazilians call it their beloved Chapada, the landscapes are amazing: rivers, waterfalls, cacti, strange rock formations, canyons … I made several friends on day trips there and I’m planning to see them again in Rio de Janeiro 🙂


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Festa de Santa Bárbara in Salvador

Last friday the festival of Santa Bárbara took place in Salvador and I captured some moments while randomly walking around in the historical center. Of course I missed the whole official program, but it didn’t really matter since there was music everywhere.
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Getting away from it all near Salvador

This time I won’t be able to make my friends in Europe feel better by posting pictures with grey sky and rain, sorry. After two weeks in Salvador I decided that I should go see some places in the surroundings, so I went to Praia do Forte last weekend (randomly picking a place recommended by Lonely Planet) and Morro de São Paulo, that a lot of friends had recommended. Both are like those beaches in the postcards or travel brochures and it was a bit surreal to find myself in one of these for the first time.

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Chilling in Salvador (and what I haven’t said about Brasília)

If you’ve been wondering why I have been so silent recently it’s because I’ve spent the past two weeks in Salvador relaxing a bit after my travels to Foz do Iguaçu, Bonito and Brasília. To be honest, I simply had fun being boring and doing almost the same, but wonderful stuff every day (what else did you expect from somebody writing a bad travel blog …), only enjoyably interrupted by a weekend that I spontaneously spent with Ray and Dipak from Chicago whom I met on a walking tour. I’ll also catch up writing about my stay with Ju in Brasília, which I was too lazy to write about so far. To keep up the standards of bad travel blogging some of the pictures in this post aren’t even taken by myself, I just took them from my friends’ facebook posts.

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50 shades of water – Foz do Iguaçu and Bonito

Unfortunately I had to leave Florianópolis that I fell in love with despite numerous encounters with water in my least preferred forms (waves, salty water, humidity in my clothes, …). I headed off to spend 5 amazing days in Foz do Iguaçu and Bonito, surrounded by forms of water that I somehow enjoy more (waterfalls, snorkeling in clear rivers filled with fish, calm sweet water …). It seems that the more beautiful the place is the harder it is to reach, but these are places I wouldn’t want to have missed.

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7 things do to in Florianópolis when El Niño sticks around

Three weeks later I can count the days without rain on one hand (I’m not even talking about sunny days, there were maybe three), so here are some of my rain proof activities and strategies during my time in Florianópolis.

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