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Yoyoma and the last Russian chapter

What, it’s already over?! I could continue stuffing my face with piroshky and my brain with history and Russian, but no, all the beautiful things in life come to an end (or as we say in German, everything has an end, only the sausage has two) and I had to leave my wonderful hosts Irina and Kirill. So here is something to close this chapter with a place that probably most people start out with – Moscow. Continue reading “Yoyoma and the last Russian chapter”


Yoyoma on the road in Russia’s countryside and history

Velikiy Novgorod

After I had heard about Velikiy Novgorod in class I decided that I need to see Russia’s birthplace. I couldn’t find the placenta there, but learned a lot about Russian history in a guided tour around the town’s kremlin and the museum. You definitely should plan a stop here if you’re going from St. Petersburg to Moscow. The town even has a beach! Continue reading “Yoyoma on the road in Russia’s countryside and history”

Yoyoma leaving St. Petersburg

I’m not even sure what to say about St. Petersburg that wouldn’t fall short of the reality. During the first two weeks I hardly took any pictures, because everything is so nice that I didn’t know what to photograph (my brother said this after spending a few days with me driving around in Ireland and now I understand what he felt like, it was true for me in St. Petersburg).


I didn’t have much time either, because Continue reading “Yoyoma leaving St. Petersburg”

Yoyoma on the train to Tyumen

Today I’m relaxing after a train trip to Tyumen 5.5 hours east of Yekaterinburg, which was my first time on a Russian train (hooray) and also my first time organizing accommodation via airbnb, so here are my impressions.

Continue reading “Yoyoma on the train to Tyumen”

6 tips on language learning and more from the Ural region

I can’t believe I’ve been here 3 weeks already and I only have 10 days left! I’m embracing my bipolar relationship with the Russian language, enjoying the food, the country (yesss, finally some pictures of singing babushkas) and routines that make me feel at home.

Continue reading “6 tips on language learning and more from the Ural region”

Yoyoma in Yekaterinburg

A few days later I have sorted out some things and done some slow paced walks in the city, met some nice people – it’s great to know that I have 4 more weeks, so no need to run.

Off my checklist now:

Continue reading “Yoyoma in Yekaterinburg”

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