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Was I safe in Turkey?

I’m just back from two awesome months in Turkey. Some of my friends and relatives have already wondered if I was safe in Turkey before this week’s explosion in Istanbul happened (on the 7th of June 2016). I usually avoid making any comments about ‘general situations’ or politics, but now I kind of feel compelled to say something about it. So here are my thoughts and experiences.

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Last chapter in my Turkey trip: Cappadocia

I have already left Turkey and I’m in Cork now for a bit. Here are some impressions from Cappadocia, the last part of my 4-week trip in May. I guess it wouldn’t be exaggerated to say that out of all the places I’ve been to Cappadocia is the most beautiful and magic one. The landscape is just too unreal, and the thought that some people were crazy enough to carve houses, churches and even whole underground cities out of the rock even more. 

I also wrote a separate post for those who are interested in the question: Was I safe in Turkey?
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Turkish coast trip part 4: Sunken city and Antalya

A bit late, but here are some updates from the last part of my trip along the southern coast of Turkey, Antalya, where I also almost reached the end of my energy, but it’s so worth it. On my way I kayaked over a sunken city at Kekova island, and from Antalya went up to the beautiful ancient mountain city Termessos, chilled out at the beach in Side right next to the ruins, of course not skipping the awesome ruins of Perge. I also couldn’t skip treating myself with a visit to Antalya Aquarium, just because… fish! I couldn’t make it to the eternal flame of Olympus, but oh well, next time.

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Turkish coast trip part 3: beach, adventure and history in Fethiye

 I skipped a few places that I could have visited along the coast and just went to Fethiye straight away. (For bikini pictures scroll to the end of the blog post.) It turned out to be a good choice, since there are many activities and places of interest within a short distance of Fethiye and the town itself is located in a beautiful scenery.
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Aegean trip part 2: historical tours from Kuşadası

A week in Kuşadası right at the Ladies Beach is over. I actually spent most of my time visiting the surrounding natural and historical attractions, but I still had some time to chill out at the beach in the afternoon. I was lucky that a friend I met in Ireland moved back there and offered to host me. Since there weren’t many tourists yet some of the tours I wanted to do weren’t available for booking, so I did some tours on my own in public transport. 

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Aegean+Mediterranean Coast trip part 1: From Çanakkale to Izmir

Now I’m off to visit Turkey’s Aegean and Mediterranean coastline with its many historical monuments and – some of this will probably be in one of the next posts – its beautiful beaches. To make things easier for me I’m simply following the route suggested by Lonely Planet for four weeks, all the way to Antalya and then Cappadocia. Here is the first part from Çanakkale to Izmir, including some tips on how to get around, since the information I found in the Lonely Planet or online didn’t always completely correspond to what I experienced.

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4 weeks in Istanbul – For risks and side effects read this article

In bad travel blogger style I kept putting off writing about Istanbul, with the good excuse that I was sooo busy. Busy learning Turkish in private classes and in a school, busy playing tourist, busy not playing tourist, and so on. Now after having spent 4 weeks there I’m heading off. There is no way to summarize Istanbul in one sentence, so if you want to know you’ll have to read the full article (evil laugh).

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